Filmmaker trained at the CLCF (Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français) then at FEMIS (European Training for Image and Sound Professions), he has been directing since 1995.

Among others, "Petite fugue pour jeunes mariés" (Théophane Productions), "Je vais bientôt chanter", "Terminus" (Groupe de Recherche et d'essais Cinématographiques) and "Soleil n'arrive qu'à son heure". In addition, he collaborates several times with theater companies, Alzhar, Metro Mouvance and more recently, La compagnie du labyrinthe.
In 2005, he founded the company "Les films de l'Avalée" (now "Faire un voeu") in which he produced fiction, documentaries and experimental films.

At the end of the two-year shooting of his first feature film, "The Time of the Ogres", he received writing assistance from the Island of France for his next project "The Lives of Arthur", a feature film dealing with mental illness. As part of this work, he directed a medium-length film ("Full-time, half-time, spring") in the psychiatric hospital of Ville Evrard, with patients and caregivers. A year later, he directed a new fiction film in the same context ("The offices of the kingdom") and directed between 2020 and 2023 "From a distant country", a feature film, this time with the participation of two day hospitals.

He also leads or participates in film workshops with various structures, including the collective Les petites cameras , the Beaux Arts de Paris and the Lavoir numérique.